Track 1: Information and Communication Technology and e-business

Track 2: Marketing (Consumer behavior, branding, image, etc.)

Track 3: Crisis Management, Risk Management, Safety and security

Track 4: Destination Competitiveness

Track 5: Economics and finance

Track 6: Education and training

Track 7: Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Entrepreneurship

Track 8: Foreign Languages

Track 9: Innovations

Track 10: International Tourism

Track 11: Tourism and EU

Track 12: Managing Service quality

Track 13: Quantitative methods

Track 14: Seasonality

Track 15: Quantitative methods

Track 16: Special interests tourism (Halal Tourism, Health Tourism, Rural Tourism,

Track 17: Archaeological Tourism, Heritage Tourism, Gastronomic and Wine Tourism, Cultural Tourism, Nautical Tourism, and others.)

Track 18: Sustainability (with a particular accent on use of renewable energy sources and green technologies)

Track 19: Tourism and Cultural Diplomacy

Track 20: Tourism policy

Track 21: Other relevant topics